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When the days are long and the work is hard, count on the Cat® 323F L excavator to deliver big power, fast cycle times and easy operation. It’s the most efficient excavator in its size class, built for high-speed material handling at the lowest total cost. What do people like about this machine?

Productivity technology saves time and money

The 323F L is equipped with Cat Grade Depth and Slope, a Cat Connect Technology. It’s a simple 2D guidance system, ideal for digging basements and grading steep embankments. Also available: Cat Grade with Assist, an optional system that automates boom and bucket movements, and AccuGrade, a dealer-installed 3D guidance system for more complex projects. All these productivity tools help you work faster and more accurately while using less fuel and materials.

Equipment management technology increases uptime and reduces operating costs

Cat Link, another Cat Connect Technology, comes standard on the 323F L. It’s an integrated system that includes remote monitoring technology (Product Link™) and an easy-to-use app (VisionLink®) that lets you view and manage the data your machine generates. With better data about the excavator’s performance and health, you can make equipment management decisions that improve site efficiency and profitability.

High-performance powertrain provides muscle and fuel economy

A Cat C7.1 ACERT engine, rated at 161 net horsepower (120 kilowatts), powers the 323F L. Built to work hard, hour after hour, it meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards and incorporates fuel-saving features like automatic idle shutdown and eco mode. We paired the engine with a high-efficiency hydraulic system that delivers flow when and where it’s needed to optimize performance and save fuel.

Comfort features boost productivity

The cab on the 323F L is a pleasant place to work. As quiet inside as one of today’s top pickup trucks, it comes with a comfortable seat, adjustable joystick consoles, automatic climate control, an easy-to-navigate monitor, plenty of storage space and extra power for charging phones and other devices. Visibility is excellent, thanks to large windows and a standard rearview camera.

More options, more jobs

This is what versatility looks like: three booms, four sticks and a huge selection of attachments, plus three counterweight options. Whether you work with light, medium or heavy materials—and whether you use an excavator to dig, load, compact, grade, pick, sort, process or pulverize—the 323F L will do the job.

And that’s not all

Contractors also appreciate the 323F L’s durable design. With its massive carbody, beefy upper frame and rugged undercarriage, the excavator can withstand punishing conditions. It’s easy to maintain as well, with ground-level checkpoints, banked filters and a cooling system that can be cleaned up fast.

For more information about how the 323F L makes tough jobs easier, check out the specs here or contact your local Cat dealer.