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Cat® Articulated Trucks: Move More, Make More

Want more production at a lower cost? That’s what Cat® Articulated Trucks deliver. Our newest models build on the dependability and performance of their predecessors—adding more power, better fuel efficiency, bigger payloads and automatic traction control that lets any operator get the most out of the machine, no matter what the conditions. Whether you’re looking to add to your hauling fleet or rent a dependable machine for a specific job, Cat Articulated Trucks bring more to your bottom line.

Bigger payloads

Increased body volumes mean new Cat Articulated Trucks can haul more material—and with increased impact and wear resistance, they stand up to the rigors of the job. A 45-degree inward slope side rail helps load retention and keeps haul roads clear of debris.

Powerful engines

Cat Tier 4 Final engines meet the latest emissions requirements while boosting power and fuel efficiency. Advanced engine technology increases power and torque up to 20%—delivering more power to the ground without sacrificing fuel economy. Plus, an engine compression brake enhances braking capability, response time and control on downhill grades.

Advanced transmissions

Smooth shifting. Better fuel efficiency. Faster cycle times. Quieter operation. And an automotive-like ride. Cat Articulated Trucks’ advanced transmissions deliver all that and more. One big reason why: Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) software, which optimizes gear selection in all operating situations for efficient performance and fuel economy.

Automatic traction control

A proven traction control system delivers better performance in poor underfoot conditions or on grades. On the 730C and larger, it’s fully automated—requiring zero operator interaction. It engages and disengages as needed, adjusting the amount of torque required for each axle. Traction control is fully integrated with the truck’s steering system, making it easy for operators to navigate turns when it’s engaged.

Operator efficiency

Operators want ease of use, better visibility, a comfortable ride and vital machine data at their fingertips—and Cat Articulated Trucks deliver. Interiors include a new seat, improved ventilation, additional storage and a color multi-purpose display that provides key information in the cab. It all combines for shift-long comfort and productivity.

“The more I move, the more I make”

Integrated solutions

Monitor, manage and enhance the performance of your Cat Articulated Truck, your fleet and your jobsite with the technologies built into today’s machines. The right combination of product tracking, automated features and Cat Connect technologies can help you improve productivity, simplify operation and increase uptime.

Real-time load weighing

The optional Cat Production Measurement system lets operators track productivity from the cab—with quick access to payload weights, load and cycle counts, and daily totals—so they can achieve precise targets every time. This Cat Connect PAYLOAD technology helps boost productivity, lower costs and avoid potential overload damage.

Automatic retarding control

Turn on this fully automatic feature and watch your Cat Articulated Truck manage retarding through a combination of engine brake, gear selection and service brake application—all without operator intervention. A manual system provides two levels of engagement if needed.

Operator support

Hill Assist, which facilitates stopping and starting on grades, makes new Cat Articulated Trucks more efficient and easy to operate. So does the Wait Brake feature, which temporarily applies the service brakes during loading and dumping, reducing operator effort and fatigue for shift-long comfort.

Remote product monitoring

Cat Connect LINK technologies provide valuable insights into how your truck is performing. Product Link™ tracks location, hours, fuel use, productivity, idle time and diagnostic codes. Through VisionLink®, you can access this data wirelessly—then make timely, fact-based decisions to maximize efficiency, improve productivity and lower costs. With the optional CPM system you can also remotely monitor payloads to track job site efficiency.

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Maximum uptime

For years, Cat Articulated Trucks have set the standard for durability. Our newest models are built to deliver even more. More reliability. More cycles. More profit. They’re loaded with features to maximize your uptime, even in the toughest conditions.

Integrated design

Manufacturing an articulated truck that moves more—and does so while using less fuel and producing fewer emissions—requires deep system integration. Cat parts, components, sub-systems and technologies all work together to ensure you get the performance and productivity you deserve.

Built-in versatility

We design our products with versatility in mind, so you can do more with less. Cat Articulated Trucks, for example, can move a wide spectrum of materials in a range of applications and underfoot conditions. That means you can buy or rent one machine for various tasks on different jobsites instead of using multiple machines for single tasks—a real money-saver.

Product support

No matter what challenges lie ahead, your local Cat dealer is there to bring you the best equipment, solutions and support—so you can work more efficiently and productively. Count on your dealer for unmatched service expertise, unparalleled parts availability, jobsite technology solutions, equipment financing options and much more.