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Cat® Excavators: More Options for MARGIN PROTECTION

Don’t let rising costs eat up your profits. Get more done for less with new Cat® Excavators. From tracks to wheels, standard to compact radius designs, simple Cat GRADE with 2D to fully integrated 3D systems, no one can match the breadth of our lineup. Nor can they match our innovations in power and performance, designed to help you shrink fuel costs, boost productivity, and minimize rework so you can protect and grow your bottom line.

Hydraulic horsepower

When it comes to moving material quickly and efficiently, you need the groundbreaking power found on Cat excavators. Electronically controlled pumps and valves deliver power when and where you need it, giving you smoother, more responsive control than traditional hydraulics. And auxiliary hydraulics give you the versatility to take on more work with just one machine.

Advanced engines

To meet your high expectations for productivity, fuel efficiency, reliability and service life, Cat Excavators are powered by our most advanced engines. They feature time-tested electronic, fuel, air and aftertreatment components—as well as proven emissions technology that works without interrupting the job or operator.

Cab comforts

Operators enjoy automatic climate control, multiple seat options, fully adjustable joystick controls, plenty of storage and an easy-to-see-and-navigate monitor. Reinforced frames, special viscous mounts, roof lining and sealing limit vibration and noise. It’s a comfortable, safe environment that reduces fatigue and boosts your productivity.

Versatile attachments

It’s easy to expand your excavator’s performance with a variety of attachments from Cat Work Tools: buckets, hydraulic hammers, multi-processor pulverizers and shears, grapples and thumbs. With the Cat Pin Grabber coupler, you can quickly change attachments and switch from job to job. Your dealer can install hydraulic kits to ensure proper operation— maximizing your uptime and profits.

Next Generation Cat® Excavators


“We can run two full days with the hybrid
excavators, 40% less fuel per day.”

Automated Grading

Now available on more models, the simple Cat GRADE with Assist system automates work typically done with manual controls. Just turn it on and reach target grade up to 45% faster—and use up to 25% less fuel—versus traditional grading. Learning to use this 2D system is simple, and you can easily add 3D later should you need it for more complex cut and fill work.

Real-time grade control

Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope, a Cat Connect GRADE technology, puts real-time bucket tip position and cut-and-fill data in the cab, guiding operators to grade faster with less rework, saving you time and money. Want 3D control? Upgrading to Cat AccuGrade™ is easy.

In-cab payload weighing

Cat PAYLOAD technology enables real-time onboard weighing, reducing the need for jobsite scales. By displaying exactly how much material is in the bucket and when trucks are filled to target, it helps prevent under- and overloading to increase your efficiency and reduce risk. Integrated from the factory and now available on more models, PAYLOAD can help you track individual loads or monitor total material movement on site.

On-the-go equipment management

For track and wheeled excavators, Cat LINK helps you manage productivity, utilization and service. Product Link™ monitors and collects information about machine location, hours, fuel use and more. VisionLink® is the web-based interface that lets you access that data wirelessly from any device, anytime.

Cat® 360° Advantage

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Highly integrated design

Our engineers design Cat excavators as one efficient, reliable system from top to bottom. By integrating parts, components, sub-systems and technologies, we’re able to manufacture machines that use less fuel, produce fewer emissions and lower your owning and operating costs.

Jobsite solutions

We can provide expertise on everything from fleet size and site setup to operator training and telematics. Working together, we can optimize the performance of your people, products and processes, so you can streamline operations and boost profitability.

Connected worksite

The worksite of today is a connected one—and it’ll be even more high tech tomorrow. Are you ready? Whether you need solutions to connect the assets on your site or expertise on how to use the data generated to guide your decision making, we’re here to help.

Local Support

You need a partner you can trust—someone who understands your business and challenges. Your local Cat dealer is that partner, offering not just equipment solutions, but also parts and service expertise, financing and other solutions designed to make your business stronger. In fact, in the U.S., we guarantee parts where you need them within 24 hours to keep you up, running and profitable.