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Choose Your New Ally

What’s better than gaining a new ally ready to help you step up and dig in, day after day? Gaining THREE new allies. With Next Generation Cat® Excavators, you have your choice of 20-ton models, each designed to rise to the challenge in applications ranging from light to heavy-duty. Which is the best fit in your quest to build a better world? (Hint: The answer might be more than one.) Read on to find out!

The Cat® 320 GC is your weapon against rising costs

Don’t sacrifice power and durability in your fight to keep costs down. If high reliability and low cost-per-hour performance are your priorities, add the Cat 320 GC to your fleet. Ideal for light- to medium-duty applications, it balances dependability and operator productivity with reduced costs—all at a new price point for the 20-ton size class.

The Cat 320 is on your side in the fight to balance production & profits

If operator comfort and fuel efficiency are key weapons in your battle to work more productively and profitably, look to the Cat 320 for your medium- to heavy-duty applications. It raises the bar with a new cab, more efficient power system and longer maintenance intervals—plus the industry’s highest level of factory-equipped technology. Cat Grade with 2D, Grade with Assist and Payload all come standard.

The Cat 323 battles tough conditions to deliver maximum productivity

In heavy-duty applications, you want speed, efficiency and power on your side. That’s what the new Cat 323 delivers. It features the highest power and lift capacity in the Next Generation Cat Excavator line-up, a new cab built for operator productivity and more standard technology for more efficient work. You get high production performance that will take your business to the next level.

Need help matching the right Next Generation Cat Excavator to your job requirements? You’ve got another ally on your side—your Cat dealer. Get more details about the Cat 320 GC, 320 and 323 and connect with your local dealer at