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Boost New Hire Productivity and Minimize Downtime

A recovering economy means you can start bringing on new operators and winning more work. But with new employees comes a learning curve that can negatively affect your productivity and uptime. Consider these simple ideas for operator training that will have your new employees working like seasoned pros in no time.

Train new operators on walkaround inspections.

Walkaround inspections are designed to reveal a variety of small issues that can be fixed before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. Plus, they help familiarize new operators with your equipment and work tools before they get inside the cab. Concerned about time? Standardized checklists or inspection apps help speed up the process.

Encourage all operators to read the manual.

While the idea of “reading the instructions” is likely to make many operators smile, the fact is equipment manuals include vital information about routine maintenance, operating procedures and safety. Better to spend time reading upfront than waste time addressing problems down the road.

Use your best operators to train new operators.

If inexperienced operators learn the best operating techniques the first time, they won’t have to unlearn bad habits later. Let your experienced operators do the training on your equipment. It’s a great way for new employees to learn about the company and build camaraderie among coworkers.

Make operator training part of your culture.

Training doesn’t have to take a lot of time to be effective—and it’s not just for new employees, either. Take a few minutes at the beginning of a job or shift to highlight new machine features, maintenance information, safety issues or the best techniques for the task at hand. Jobsites are complex. You can help simplify and clarify by reminding workers of important issues.

These simple steps can help boost productivity and minimize downtime even with new employees on the job—and that can help you grow your margins.

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