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Take Your Employee Search Online

With the recent uptick in the U.S. economy, the construction industry is seeing job growth at a five-year high. If you’re like many companies, that means you’re facing another kind of competitive challenge—competing for the most qualified talent. How can you set your recruiting apart? Here are some tips for using online tools to reach a broader pool of candidates and attract tech-savvy employees who fit your company’s culture.

Building an Online Recruitment Plan

In the construction industry, recruiting usually happens in two ways: through union hiring halls or open-shop hiring. One of the best ways to recruit open-shop candidates is online. The internet expands your ability to connect with prospective employees—but since different types of candidates use different channels, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the answer. To get the best results, take some time to build an online recruitment plan that includes your website, other organizations’ sites, social media and a strong network of contacts.

Advantages of Online Recruiting

Adding online recruitment to your search for qualified candidates:

Stay ahead of your competition in the search for your next great employee—get online and start recruiting.

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