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Winning the Work: Tips for creating accurate, competitive and profitable bids

How you craft your bids has never been more important. In an economy where more companies are competing for fewer jobs, you have to make sure that your bids are carefully created and include everything that could make the difference between winning the work and losing it to a competitor.

With the introduction of many different bidding software programs, you have the opportunity to bring your bidding process to a higher level of consistency and accuracy.

Combine those business applications with your growing abilities to monitor and manage machine and site data, and you have the tools you need to build bid proposals that stand out from the competition in terms of their approach and attention to detail.

But even with all the software and data tools available, there are some elements of bidding that can be overlooked or miscalculated. Here’s a checklist of bidding reminders you can use to help keep your bids accurate and profitable.

Finally, remember that your bid submissions are a reflection of your company and your work. Provide the required information in a clear, easy-to-review format to gain credibility and consideration. Think about what the owner has to base the decision on—price is certainly a big factor, but it’s likely not the only factor, and it may not even be the number-one factor. The decision will be based on the confidence level the job owner has in a given contractor. And unless you already have a great relationship with that owner, your bid proposal is the best chance to earn that confidence.