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Your Opinion Snapshot

We appreciate your willingness to share your opinions throughout the year. In many cases we used them to shape content you would be interested in. We thought it would be an interesting exercise to review them and see if any trends emerged. See if you agree.

From machines to smartphones to online recruiting—technology is definitely trending up.
Highly positive views of machine technology in April:

In May:

In July:

In September:

Operators create competitive advantage.
While many of the polls had close results, the May poll had a very clear winner—skilled operators (31.2%). The poll also indicated that companies are engaging in the search for good employees online. Company website, company Facebook/Twitter and LinkedIn made up over 50% of the responses to this question. If you want to compete for the best, you’ll need your digital ducks in a row!

No smartphone app-titude on the job.
The October poll indicated that the most effective use of smartphones on the job was texting to other operators or workers (37.9%). Taking photos or videos of the jobsite came in a strong #2 (29%). The other four options, which asked about using smartphones for more interactive application-based tasks, received much lower responses.

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