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We appreciate your willingness to share your opinions across the various newsletter topics. In many cases we used them to shape content you would be interested in. The opinion trends recap from last year generated a lot of interest, so we thought it would be a good idea to review the polls from 2015 and share those findings with you.

From condition monitoring to enhanced operator performance to safety vests with GPS – technology is still turning heads.

As the New Year rolled out, the topic poll indicated that jobsite technology (23%) was top of mind. Just edging out jobsite technology in that poll were repair options (29%), heavily influenced by technologies like telematics and condition monitoring.

In March, when asked what features operators value most, nothing could out rank operator comfort (44%), but automated control features came in a strong second (27%).

In July, you were most intrigued by wearable technology—safety vests with GPS tracking and built-in bio monitors (55%).

Good job planning and skilled operators clear leaders in boosting job site efficiency.

In the February poll we asked you what most impacted your overall efficiency. Job planning (36%) and operator skill level (35%) made up over 70% of the responses. Job planning begins with the bid process and finding and keeping skilled operators is an ongoing part of your business development. That says loud and clear that there’s as much to gain in efficiency off site as there is on site.

Solid interest in expanded rental and used equipment options.

The August and September polls explored alternative equipment acquisition methods. In August, we asked about your enthusiasm for newcomer Yard Club, a peer-to-peer rental service. The majority of respondents expressed interest in rental, with some hoping that Yard Club would come to their area, and the most voters reporting that they would be more confident renting from their Cat® dealer. So it’s clear there is no substitute for confidence in your suppliers.

In September, we asked about rental and used equipment options in relation to profitability. More expressed an interest in used equipment purchases than any of the options presented (45%). Strategically including rentals in your job plans as well as finding good used equipment options can help you reduce your level of capital investment and free up cash flow.

Results confirm it – construction workers are some of the happiest employees.

In December we shared a study that found that construction workers were some of the happiest employees. We offered several responses to this finding, the most popular being that this kind of job satisfaction is the reason there are often multiple generations in the construction business. (52%) In an age when some industries predict a change of employers every 2 – 3 years, perhaps this kind of continuity can be used as part of your recruiting strategy.

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