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When motor grader operators talk about the headaches they encounter on the job, one topic usually surfaces: bouncing blades. It’s annoying, they say, to be working hard, then come upon an uneven spot in the road and feel the blade go into a bounce. By the time they can react, the damage has been done, and now they’re looking at extra time and fuel to repair the surface.

If blade bounce is a headache for you, ask about Stable Blade technology, a Cat® exclusive, available on M Series 3 graders or as a retrofit on older M Series models. Stable Blade is a simple system that detects and corrects blade bounce automatically with no operator intervention required. It’s a reliable, easy-to-use technology that helps operators finish jobs faster with less rework and fuel. And because there’s less bouncing, there’s less wear and tear on components and reduced risk of premature failure.

Motor grader headache #2 happens during the lube process, according to operators and others who perform maintenance. The circle drive pinion needs to be greased every day, but to get the job done, someone has to climb under the drawbar and remove any dirt or debris that’s accumulated under the machine.

With the Circle Saver lubrication attachment kit, this job can be done quickly and safely without getting under the machine. The kit includes a remote grease line that runs from the top of the drawbar to a housing installed over the circle drive pinion. Grease is pumped through the line into the housing, saving time and effort and improving cleanliness.

Caterpillar understands the challenges you face, and although we can’t make all your headaches go away, we’ll keep working to solve your everyday problems, one innovation at a time.

Find out what operators have to say about Stable Blade in this quick video.


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