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How to Build a Dozer

The decisions you make BEFORE you put a dozer on a job site will have a profound effect on the machine’s performance, efficiency and ultimate value. This section will guide you in choosing the best machine size, blade type, undercarriage configuration, counterweight and more for your applications.


Selecting the right tractor for maximum productivity and efficiency involves balancing a number of factors:

Application – Is it a variable utility job (such as cleanup or stockpile work) or a full-time, nonstop production application? Is fine grading involved?

Materials – Is the material loose, aggregated or compacted? Does it need to be broken up? How heavy is it? How abrasive is it? How wet, hard or soft are the underfoot conditions?

Interaction with facilities or other equipment – How much room will the dozer have to maneuver? Will the dozer be working in tandem with scrapers or trucks? Is it charging a hopper?

Tractor Size

Determining which dozer size class is right for your applications and materials is a complex task because today’s Cat® Medium Track-Type Tractors offer more flexibility than ever before.

For example, the electric drive system of the D7E enables it to push material faster on every pass, so it can do some of the work of a larger machine. At the same time, it is more maneuverable than other machines in its class, so it can do some of the work of a smaller machine.

Your Cat Dealer can advise you on how to get all the performance you want, without investing in a tractor that is either bigger or smaller than you really need to get your work done.

Regulatory considerations – Are there any emissions, sound level or transportability issues to address?

You should discuss these and other considerations about your typical jobs with your Cat Dealer before choosing a tractor.

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