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Three On-the-Job Equipment Management Tips That Will Save You Money

The key goal of virtually any construction project is to avoid delays and maximize equipment uptime. There are plenty of variables outside of your immediate control, so it just makes sense to take care of what you can control. Here are three ways you can increase uptime and reduce operating costs.

Make “Eyes on Equipment” A Common Jobsite Practice.
Every crew person on a job site should know that if they see a potential problem with a piece of equipment they need to communicate it to the appropriate person. Designate
who that person is and clearly and consistently communicate that to your crew. Visible symptoms of potential problems to look for might include:

• Cracks along weld lines in buckets, structures or frames
• Hydraulic leaks
• Wet spots on the ground from fluid leaks
• Dirty air filter
• Low oil or coolant levels
• Damage on tracks or tires
• Cracked or damaged windshields
• Faulty or damaged mirrors
• Any indicators showing red or reading “alert”

Sometimes even simple problems can result in equipment failures and costly downtime.
If the entire crew is focused on keeping machines running, projects get done without incurring the additional cost of delays.

When You Need a Repair, Weigh your Options.
Every repair situation has its own unique set of challenges. Even if you think you’re good with tools and savvy with the latest technologies, an equipment dealer may ultimately be the best solution. OEMs can offer a broad range of options as well as faster repair turn around or replacement machines. These options may work to deliver more uptime and a better job outcome.

If There’s Downtime, Use It to Your Advantage
Construction jobs are complex and even when crews do everything they can to avoid downtime, it still occurs. When that happens, have a plan for how your crew can use that time productively. Here are some suggestions:

• Use the remaining machines to complete some other task
• Move equipment
• Manage material inventory
• Catch up on administrative work

Talk to your Cat® dealer and find out for yourself how your dealer can help you maximize uptime and maintain your equipment most cost effectively.