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Ever thought about adding a wheeled excavator to your fleet? Don’t let their reputation as niche machines fool you. Depending on the application, wheels might be exactly what you need. Consider these situations:

• You do most of your work on asphalt, cement and other hard surfaces and need more power and lift capacity than you’d get with a backhoe loader.
• You operate in congested urban areas and want to be able to maneuver around traffic, buildings, bridges, tunnels and other obstacles.
• You have a big site with a lot of tasks to do and need a machine that can travel from Job A to Job B to Job C quickly.

If any of these scenarios has your name on it, give some thought to a wheeled excavator. They offer excellent mobility and versatility—plus plenty of stability when outriggers are deployed and the blade is on the ground. And from an operating cost perspective, wheels and brakes last longer, cost less and are easier to replace than traditional undercarriage components.

Cat® Wheeled Excavators are available in a range of sizes (15,900 kg/35,000 lb—22,300 kg/49,200 lb) and configurations, including a compact radius design that delivers zero tail swing, so you can work confidently in tight spaces. The compact radius configuration is also available on some track excavators. Whether you choose wheels or tracks, compact or standard radius, count on your Cat Excavator for:

• High-efficiency engines with built-in fuel-saving features like automatic engine speed control and engine idle shutdown
• Boom, stick, undercarriage and counterweight options that maximize flexibility
• A large selection of Cat attachments and quick couplers that take versatility to a whole new level
• Quiet cabs with great visibility, comfortable seats, low-effort controls and other features operators appreciate
• Maintenance checkpoints that can be reached safely and easily
• Cat Connect Technology including integrated grade control products, payload management tools and telematics systems that save time, improve accuracy and reduce operating costs

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