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Cat® 982M Wheel Loaders take efficiency to the next level

The 982M wheel loader is 10% more fuel efficient than its highly productive K Series predecessor and a great choice for loading larger on-highway trucks (2-pass match). Design changes in the frames, linkage, hydraulics, engine power and power train extend the application range of the 982M to sand and gravel, earth-bank excavation and even face loading in shot rock applications. The 982M also has longer standard lift arms so it can easily load rail cars. With a full range of buckets, work tools and a special Aggregate Handler configuration, the 982M can be the ideal choice for the work you do. Put these new features to work.

Specifications at a Glance:
Cat® C13 engine     392 hp
Operating weight    65,698 – 75,663 lbs
Bucket capacity      5.5 – 15.7 cubic yards
Bucket pin height std.   178 in./High 186 in.

Greater efficiency lets you do more with less.

Powertrain improvements drive efficient performance.

Next-generation hydraulic system delivers responsiveness and power.

Linkage and work tools extend working range.

Best-in-class operator environment boosts production.

Advanced technology with Cat Connect enhances productivity.

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* Fuel efficiency is measured in mass of material moved per volume of fuel burned. Average efficiency improvement as tested and analyzed for an average composite cycle and stand configuration with variations per comparable model with and without Economy Mode active. Factors that influence result variation include, but are not limited to, machine configuration, operator technique, machine application, climate, etc.

Optional configuration and equipment may vary from region to region. Consult your Caterpillar representative for further details.