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When it comes to increasing production, you know how important operators are. It takes quality people to do quality work. But good operators also affect the cost side of the equation. Here are some of the ways skilled operators can save you money.

Conserve fuel
A skilled operator can use 10 to 12% less fuel doing the same job as an unskilled one. That’s why training is critical. Make sure you’re teaching your team to run the equipment properly, limit idle time and use fuel-saving features like Economy Mode. For further fuel savings, invest in technologies that automate blade or bucket functions typically performed by operators. These systems, such as Cat® Grade with Assist and Cat Grade with 2D or 3D control, help operators of all skill levels use less fuel.

Finish jobs faster with less rework
Many factors affect your ability to meet deadlines and avoid mistakes. Most are beyond a single operator’s control. But technology-enabled equipment can make a difference. When operators have access to onboard grade control products, payload management tools or compaction technologies, they’re better prepared to work quickly, safely and economically.

Reduce wear and tear on equipment
Technology and training can also prevent operators from misusing equipment and driving operating costs higher. The practice of overloading, for example, stresses machine structures, accelerates engine and transmission wear and shortens tire life. By teaching operators to avoid overloading—and providing technology like Cat Payload that tracks load weight in real time—loading efficiency can be optimized and operating costs contained.

Find problems before failure
Operators can be a big help when it comes to identifying product problems early. Whether an issue emerges during a daily inspection or while a machine is working, it’s often the operator who senses the problem first. Encourage operators to be alert for unusual noises, vibrations or changes in performance. Take their concerns seriously. And follow up on their observations using telematics data to confirm and resolve problems cost effectively.

Prevent costly accidents and injuries
Equipment manufacturers understand that when operators get hurt, the costs add up: penalties, medical bills, lost productivity, litigation, reputation and more. To reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, equipment manufacturers pour resources and expertise into product design—improving visibility, enhancing comfort, lowering sound and vibration levels. We add ergonomic seats, low-effort controls and easy-to-see-and-reach monitors—plus non-slip surfaces, convenient grab rails and ground-level maintenance checkpoints to prevent falls. It’s all part of our commitment to help you protect people and profits.

Engage your operators
As you do battle with cost escalation, make sure to engage the front line. Well-trained operators running quality equipment in a positive work environment can help you overcome your cost challenges safely, efficiently and profitably.