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It’s easy to understand why grade technology makes dozers and motor graders more efficient—they tend to do repetitive tasks. But you use an excavator for many types of jobs. So just how useful could grading technology be?

The short answer is: very useful.

Whether your day involves digging basements, building retention ponds, cutting drainage ditches, laying pipe, prepping commercial sites or some other kind of work, chances are you can get the job done more efficiently if your excavator is equipped with grade control.

What are the onsite advantages?

When technology is used to guide or control an excavator bucket, there’s big potential for time, cost and labor savings. Here are just a few of the benefits.

How does it benefit your business?

There are plenty of reasons why this is a great time to try grade technology on your excavator.


More bang for your buck.

New systems designed specifically for excavators can give you the functionality you need at an attractive price.


Options galore.

There are ways to get big benefits without investing in a full blown 3D GPS-enabled system. It often makes sense to start with 2D, then scale up—if and when it’s necessary.


Keep your edge.

Your toughest competitors just might be ready to make this move. Will you let them take the lead?


Build on your success.

You may already be using grade control on dozers and graders. If that’s the case, you know there’s time and money to be saved. So go get it.

Ready to make your move?

Talk with your equipment dealer about using grade technology on your excavators. You’ll want to look at many factors including the types of jobs you do and the amount of time you spend doing them. Together you can determine whether this technology is right for your business. If you decide to make a move, consider all your options:


Rent a new excavator with an integrated 2D system. [Check out the Cat® 323F with GRADE with Assist—it’s the fastest, easiest system Caterpillar offers].


Retrofit the machine you already own with an aftermarket 2D system.


Buy a new excavator with a factory integrated system or order a model that’s built to accommodate an aftermarket system.

And while you’re looking at grade control, check out some of the other excavator technologies that can enhance site safety and efficiency:


Payload systems allow on-the-go weighing, helping operators achieve precise targets every time for higher productivity and efficiency.


Telematics systems provide the data you need to optimize productivity, operating costs and component life.


Obstacle detection technologies help keep people and assets safe.

Get started

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that grade control is just for dozers and motor graders. Get advice from an expert who knows the technology and understands the work you do. You may discover that using 2D or 3D grade control on one or more excavators is a fast way to build your bottom line.

*Cat GRADE with Assist versus traditional grading methods