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Landscaper runs head-to-head fuel comparison

When Dave Dueck added a second business—Mountain Top Stone Sales—to his already successful landscaping business—Grindstone Landscaping—he purchased a Cat® 907H compact wheel loader. Dueck was very happy with the performance and efficiency of the 907H and reluctantly agreed to look at a Cat skid steer loader…with one condition. He wanted to run a side-by-side comparison.

Operating the Cat 252B3 full throttle, Dueck burned less than half the fuel he did when running the competitive skid steer loader. The numbers didn’t lie: for every 1,000 hours of operating time, the Cat machine would save him $7,500 USD in fuel costs. “For every five Cats I buy, every year I get a free one in fuel savings,” he says.

Dueck’s production fleet, in addition to six skid steer loaders, now includes a mini excavator and two compact wheel loaders. This year, he’s adding equipment: two more mini excavators and three compact track loaders.

He’s also decided to make a technology investment and equip the fleet with Link technology from Cat Connect. Dueck is confident that he will realize even greater savings by monitoring utilization and fuel consumption, plus he sees advantages in the direct link to PartStoreTM.

Dueck says it’s all about being open to growth: “The older I get, the more I learn that you need to be open to new things. You can’t have tunnel vision because you’re not going be successful that way.”

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