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Smart Phones—A Smart Job Move

The Sage Construction Information Technology Survey revealed that 70% of construction professionals view mobile technology as important to their businesses, and they are planning to use it to access and share information such as customer and job data, schedules, photos, and plans. And, in our own customer corner survey in July, you, too, indicated that smart phone efficiency on the jobsite is a top area of interest.

These survey results only reinforce the fact that mobile technologies are becoming a bigger part of the way we communicate and do business everyday. How can this technology bring new efficiencies to your projects? Take a look at some ideas we found.

Status in a Snap.
Consistently, operators and construction personnel report that they use their smart phone cameras to document activity on the jobsite. In some cases, it’s a task completed. In other cases, it’s a video showing how they’ve found a work around for a problem. The benefit of having photo/video communication is that crews can share status or questions immediately and receive feedback or instructions rapidly. This can help minimize delays and keeps managers up-to-date with daily production.

Time is Money.
Mobile time tracking programs are now available that link your business office with your employees via smart phone or tablet. These programs help track labor, production, per diems, and expenses. Plus, information can be documented with notes and photos.

Go Mobile in the Shop.
You can use mobile tracking software to send technicians work orders or instructions. If needed, the technician can access service records for a particular vehicle or piece of equipment via his phone or tablet. Because he doesn’t have to wait for this information to begin, the work gets done faster.

Mobile Toughness.
Construction sites certainly pose some conditions that may be hazardous to smart phone performance. If you’re considering using your smart phone as another business tool, you may want to consider models that meet these standards for “ruggedness.”

If you’re looking for “rugged,” at a minimum you want to look for a device that is shock resistant, dust proof and waterproof.  Equipment World rated the 5 best smart phones for construction work.

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