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Time-Tracking Mobile Apps Make Smart Use of Crew Smartphones

It’s not surprising that as construction business software adoption continues to rise, paper-based tracking systems are looking more and more “old school.” Mobile application developers are seizing the opportunity by developing time-tracking mobile apps that crews can interact with using their tablets or smartphones. Data is securely stored in the cloud and then downloaded back at the office. The big advantages are accuracy and time savings by eliminating paper-based recording.

Geo-fencing + time tracking boosts crew efficiency
Many of the leading time-tracking apps now also include geo-fencing capabilities via GPS. Apps can track a designated crew. When an operator arrives on site, the app can GPS-stamp a clock-in, locating the operator inside or outside a “geofence” that represents that jobsite. This helps project managers know with just a couple of clicks if everyone is where they are supposed to be. With multiple sites, managers have a tool that quickly and easily shows them crew locations so they can move crews or individuals as work demands.

Many apps also let workers send important job-related information, including photos, text and audio messages, to the office for secure storage of site conditions and changes, major supply purchases or other significant events.

Choosing a time-tracking mobile app
Here’s a quick list of things to keep in mind if you’re looking for a time-tracking mobile app: