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Whether your team is made up of Baby Boomers, Millennials or everyone in between, they’re all part of Generation S—men and women who want to work smart and stay safe. As you grow your business with Generation S, technology can make things easier. Here’s how.

Work smart

Tired, distracted equipment operators aren’t working smart. Worst case, they cause death or major injuries. But even if an accident isn’t serious, the consequences can be negative: equipment or property damage, lost productivity, higher health care costs, extra insurance premiums and more. New technologies are available to identify and support fatigued or distracted operators. Caterpillar’s Driver Safety System, for example, uses infrared cameras and sensors to measure an operator’s eye and eyelid behavior. If these measurements indicate the operator is dozing off or sending a text, the seat rumbles and an alarm sounds. Data about the event is sent to a central location where it can be used for safety planning and decision-making.

Stay safe

Contact between people, objects and equipment is the third leading cause of death in construction 1.
Some companies use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to help teams stay safe. With a system like Cat® Detect for Personnel, ground workers and visitors wear safety vests and hard hats equipped with RFID tags. Other assets or potential hazards around a job site can also be tagged. If antennae installed in the equipment detect RFID tags in danger zones, the operators and ground workers receive alerts. Data about each incident is captured and made available to site managers so they can make informed decisions that protect people and assets.

Train everyone

It’s tough to build a smarter, safer workplace. Training is key. But only if the experience is positive and productive.Take a critical look at your safety resources. Are they fresh and relevant? Engaging and interactive? Clear? Practical? Targeted at all levels of the organization? Upgrading the education piece of your safety strategy could go a long way toward improving performance. Get started New technologies and resources are available right now to help you and your Generation S team improve safety, efficiency and profitability. What are you waiting for?