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Your best cost-reduction strategy—technology.

“No matter the fleet size, no matter the application, we can find a combination of technologies and services to deliver value to every customer. Even if they only own one piece of equipment, we can find something that works for them.” John Thomas, Construction Technology & Solutions Marketing Manager

Don Nusbaum and Scott Duso, owners of D/N Excavating Inc., would agree. When they landed their first large job, they had to find a way to meet an aggressive time frame. “We either needed more people, or we needed the right technology,” Nusbaum says.

With the help of Milton Cat® and SITECHTM Northeast, the partners realized how Cat Connect GRADE technologies could give them the edge they needed. “By using Cat Grade Control, we saved at least 30 percent of our time on that job, maybe more,” Duso says. “I was able to grade 1,000 feet of dirt in a day with the system. Before, it would have taken four people helping me, and I couldn’t get half of that done.”

Thanks to the technologies offered through Cat Connect, D/N Excavating has more than doubled its gross sales in just two years and put itself in a position to tackle much larger projects. “With the economy being in tough shape, bigger players have come down into the bidding of smaller jobs and we are coming up against them,” Duso says. “Technology has helped us hold our own against these much bigger companies. If we did not jump on machine control and guidance technology when we did, we were going to be left behind.”

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