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Features and benefits are great, but when you’re shopping for new equipment, sometimes it’s the numbers that matter most. How much will a new machine make you? How much will it save you? When it comes to the new Cat® 336 Excavator, the numbers are impressive. Here are four you’ll definitely want to know:

4.5 extra weeks of work
What could you do — and how much could you earn — with 4.5 more weeks on the job every year? Find out by putting the new 336’s standard Cat Connect technology to work. Cat Grade with 2D, Cat Grade with Assist and Cat Payload all come standard, helping operators of all experience levels dig, load and grade with more confidence, speed and accuracy. The result: You get the same amount of work done faster. Efficiency gains can reach 45% compared with traditional grading methods.

12 more trucks loaded on the same amount of fuel
A precise combination of lower engine speed and large hydraulic pump pressure and flow lets the new 336 deliver more work per unit of fuel. How much more? The previous model could load 83 Cat 730 trucks using 58 gallons of fuel a day. The new 336 can load 95 trucks on the same amount of fuel. That’s 15% better fuel efficiency, an improvement that goes straight to your bottom line.

50 fewer filters to change
Extended maintenance intervals on the new 336 save you money. Over 12,000 hours of operation, you’ll use 50 fewer oil and fuel filters. Other time and money savers include consolidated filter locations that make service faster, and new hydraulic and air filters with more dirt- and dust-holding capacity. It can all add up to as much as 15% savings on your maintenance costs.

2,000+ fewer twists in the seat
Excavators typically work on rugged, challenging sites. That’s why the new 336 cab protects your operators as much as possible from fatigue, stress, sound and temperature. One example: All controls are in front of the operator, which means almost no twisting and a lot less back pain — one of the most common reasons people miss work. Compare that to the old cab, which (assuming one twist per hour) required more than 2,000 twists per year. You’ll find lots more comfort and safety features in the 336, too, including a new seat and joystick console, standard rearview camera and plenty of storage.

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