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Cat® Insiders Share Tales From The Set of Transformers: The Last Knight

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in the movies—or at least on set while one’s being filmed? A lucky group of Cat® employees got the chance to find out during the production of TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT. Discover what roles they played and what they say were their most challenging and memorable moments.

“Hanging a bucket and stick over some big-name actors”
Jeremy Beck, Field Follow Engineer for Cat Excavators

Role in Movie Production: Machine operation and maintenance on set; creating 3D models of the excavator for the animation team

Most Nerve-wracking Moment: “When you’re hanging a bucket and stick over the head of some big-name actors, you don’t want to move the joystick in the wrong direction.”

Most Memorable Moment: “Being around people that you’ve seen only on the big screen or the small screen at home.”

Dream Job On Set: “Hands down, building the cars. One of the things we had time to do on set was walk around and look at what set designers had created for vehicles. They did an awesome job, and it was really interesting to see up close how they did it.”


“Stand by for chaos”
Don Benckendorf, Field Follow Engineer for Cat Excavators

Role in Movie Production: Machine operation and maintenance on set

Typical Day On Set: “The crew said it best: ‘Stand by for chaos.’ It was a lot of waiting around for your turn. The day generally started with a cast and crew meeting, and everybody walked through the day’s schedule. You really got an idea of how technical and scheduled a movie set actually is.”

Similarities Between a Movie Set and a Jobsite: “We get out in the field to handle customer issues sometimes within 24 hours of getting a phone call, and the set reacts that way, too. It’s very urgent, very ‘get the job done.’”

Favorite Moment: “Getting to unload and load BUMBLEBEE off the truck was really cool.”


“Our logistics team definitely rose to the challenge”
Paul Krabbenhoft, Commercial Consultant

Role in Movie Production: Logistics—getting the Cat excavator to the set

Biggest Challenge: “Getting the excavator shipped across the world, into port, across the country and to the set on time. Our logistics team definitely rose to the challenge. They did a great job working with our carrier to get a truck underneath the excavator and get it moving as quickly as possible.”

Biggest Surprise: “The people involved were very approachable and easy to talk to. Toward the end of our time on set, I was able to have some meaningful conversations with several of the actors, producers and directors. That was very impactful.”


“A great opportunity to get more play for Cat excavators”
Jessica Nunley, Global Construction Marketing Innovation Manager

Role in Movie Production: Coordinating the partnership between Caterpillar and Paramount Pictures

The Caterpillar and Transformers Connection: “If you think of strength, loyalty and protection—both brands do that. So it’s really fun to bring them to life together in a film.”

Biggest Challenge: “The film production had its timelines, which didn’t always match up with our timelines. That caused us to work differently as a team. When the director said, ‘We need the product now,’ we had to figure out a way to get a 20-ton excavator to the set. And we did.”

Most Memorable Moment: “When we finally got the green light that Paramount was willing to partner with Caterpillar. What a great opportunity to get more play for Cat excavators and, frankly, all our construction products manufactured throughout the world.”