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A New Ally Rises to the Challenge

Building a better world is one tough challenge. But now you have a new ally in your quest to push ahead and get the job done. Next Generation Cat® Excavators are here. The entire 20-ton line-up features more standard technology to drive performance and reduced fuel and maintenance costs to drive profit. You got a sneak peek in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT—now get all the details!

Not one new ally, but three

Get ready to rise to the challenge any application or jobsite presents with three new models.

Take on tough challenges with technology

You’re not alone in the fight to get more done for less. With Next Generation Cat Excavators, you’ve got technology on your side. The Cat 320 and 323 come with more standard factory-equipped technology than any other excavators on the market. Cat Link telematics provide machine-critical info. Cat Grade with 2D and Grade with Assist help operators work more quickly and accurately. Cat Payload prevents over- and under-loading. It all adds up to big efficiency gains (as much as 45% compared to traditional grading methods, for example).

Win the battle against rising costs

Need an ally in the fight against fuel burn? You got it. All Next Generation Cat Excavators use less fuel than previous models, thanks to a combination of lower engine speed, multiple power modes and a more efficient cooling system. How much less depends on your application—but it ranges from 20-25%. Technology on the 320 and 323 may drive down fuel consumption even further by helping to eliminate rework.

But that’s not the only way you’ll save. Extended and synchronized maintenance intervals mean you spend less time—and money—on service. Next Generation Cat Excavators can cut your maintenance costs up to 15% compared to previous models. We’ve made maintenance simpler and safer, too. You can perform all daily checks from ground level.

Get an ally inside the cab

Heated and cooled seat. Automatic climate control. Sound suppression. Bluetooth radio. Touchscreen monitor. Push-button start. You’ll forgive your operators for thinking they’ve stepped into a luxury car. But those features aren’t just for show. Next Generation Cat Excavators are designed to keep your operators comfortable and safe—so they can help you be more productive every day.

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