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Excavator Technology: Another Ally in Your Fight

On November 15, you’ll have a new ally in your quest to get the job done right. What new advantages will be available to you? What innovations are on the horizon? We can’t give away the details yet, but take a look at the evolution of technology in our line-up and one thing’s for sure: with a Cat® Excavator in your fleet you’ll be ahead of the game and ready rise to whatever challenges you face on the job.

300 Series launches 25 years of innovation

The 300 Family of Cat Excavators was state-of-the-art when it was introduced in 1992, and we’ve incorporated new technologies with every series to keep our machines working as reliably and cost-effectively as possible. Our first innovations with B and C Series machines focused on improving controllability and productivity. Then, fuel consumption and emissions reductions took center stage with our D, E and F Series models. Advancing from Tier 2 levels in 2000 to Tier 4 Final standards in 2014 required big leaps forward in technology.

Hydraulic hybrid technology cuts costs, not power

Another big leap forward? Hybrid technology. We took a unique approach with the launch of our first hybrid excavator in 2012—choosing a hydraulic solution for the Cat 336E. That’s because no other commercially available technology has higher power density than hydraulics. Our system absorbs energy from the excavator’s swing and uses it to do work—recovering otherwise wasted swing braking energy. That results in reduced fuel costs and exhaust emissions, with no compromise in power, production or reliability.

Cat® Connect Technology takes efficiency to new levels

Next up in the technology evolution: integrated onboard systems that do everything from track excavator location and guide machine operation to eliminate the need for weighing scales and survey stakes. On today’s Cat Excavators, you’ll find all kinds of Cat Connect Technology options:

What’s next? Stay tuned…

Mark your calendar for November 15. That’s when our new line-up hits the market. With more innovations than ever before to drive your performance and profits, Next Generation Cat Excavators are your new allies—ready to rise to the challenge.

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