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Best Actor Machine in a Supporting Role

John Wayne. Sigourney Weaver. Daniel Craig. Those are just a few of the big stars who have shared the screen with Cat® equipment—from the days of silent films up through TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, now in theaters. Take a look back at a few of our most memorable big-screen moments.

Our Debut on the Silver Screen
You won’t find this one on Netflix. In the 1927 silent film Man Power, the town of Happy Valley is threatened by a breached dam about to burst. Enter a Holt 10-ton Caterpillar tractor. It climbs a slippery hill, drags wagons filled with dynamite away from the dam, then drives into the breach to plug the hole, avert catastrophe and save the town. What a hero!

“The Duke” Takes the Controls
In 1968’s Hellfighters, John Wayne steps into a D7 dozer to play a legendary fighter of oil well fires, Paul “Red” Adair. While moviemakers didn’t care what kind of equipment was used in the film, Adair insisted on Cat machines for authenticity—telling producers, “If I could get Cat machines in the Sahara, you should be able to get them in Houston.” (Spoiler alert: They did.)

The Machine that Wasn’t
Some viewers of the 1986 sci-fi flick Aliens had their hopes dashed when they learned that the Cat Power Loader Sigourney Weaver uses to battle the Alien Queen was not, in fact, an actual Cat product. We gave Twentieth Century Fox Productions permission to use our name and logo on the futuristic machine. The studio’s designer did such a good job constructing the fictitious loader that our dealers received calls from customers wanting to buy one!

Built for Bond
Remember the opening of 2012’s Skyfall? James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, operates a Cat excavator while riding on a speeding train. Well, he may look like he’s at the controls, but in reality there’s a separate operator at work. We customized a 320D L excavator for the film, moving the cab to the opposite side for Bond and leaving the real controls in place for the operator. It was a technical challenge worthy of Q!

Those are just a few of the highlights—you’ll find Cat yellow iron (not to mention Cat hats, Cat boots and other apparel) in plenty of other movies, too. Keep your eyes peeled!